Heavy Strength Fabricated

Beam with 1/2" x 6" Slide Plates


10" High Carbon Steel (Replaceable
34 Tons
Cylinder Stroke
Wear Strips
1/8" Thick Standard
Log Opening
Cycle Time
Approximately 9 Seconds Complete cycle
Operating Posistion
Horizontal/Vertical (HV) or Horizontal (H)
Operating Height
33" From Ground to top plate(HV) 27" for (H)
Wheels & Tires
High Speed 6.5" X 4.8" X 12" with 4 Bolt Hubs
Safety Chain
Hitch Coupler
2" Locking Ball Standard
13HP Honda GX390, 14HP Robin Subaru, 13HP Vanguard series Briggs &Stratton or 16HP Vanguard Series Briggs &Stratton V Twin
Cylinder Size
5" X 24" Welded Clevis type 2" Rod
Hydraulic Tank
14 Gallons
Hydraulic Oil Filter
Spin on type , 10 Micron Filter with 60 Micron Suction Strainer Filter
Safety Release Valve
Detent, Auto Return Both Directions Auto Valve available
Gear Pump
2 Stage, 23GPM
Hydraulic Oil
Use ATF Dextron III For Best performance under 30 Degrees F
Shipping Weight


Commercial log splitter

Here at Ramsplitter we pride ourselves in all of our log splitters. We want to make sure that "The toughest log splitter in the Business" is not just a phrase we say or post on our Website. Our 34Ton Commercial is no Exception. The 34 Ton Extreme Commercial comes as a Horizontal or a Horizontal/Vertical.

We have plenty of options for everyone to customize the H20 or HV20 with the award winning 2HP  electric, Extremely powerful 16HP Vanguard Series Briggs & Stratton V Twin, Economical 13HP Vanguard Series Briggs and Stratton , Powerful 14HP Robin Subaru or the Popular 13HP Honda GX390.

 All and all this unit is the perfect unit for Extreme use and more. But do not forget about accessories that will help increase the logs you split and add time saving options.

I would suggest the 34 ton Extreme log splitter for anyone who is looking for and brand new, American made and Extreme Log splitter. Please Contact Us if you have more questions or would like to order the toughest log splitter in the business and become part of the Ramsplitter Family.